Odd and Inspiring Things I Saw in Nashville When I Should Have Been Working on My Edits

Hi all. Still pushing through on the edits over here, just a few days left now before I need to turn them in. I'll have some thoughts on the editing process later but first I thought I'd post a few pics from my and lovely Gertie's trip to Nashville TN. We had planned the trip months ago, not knowing I'd be in the midst of edits. Turned out well actually. A few days in a nice hotel far from home was a refreshing distraction. We went initially to see The Golden Age of Couture exhibit at the Frist (Lovely Gertie is a sewing blogger and a soon to be published sewing author.) and while we were there checked out The Country Music Hall of Fame and The Ryman Auditorium.

Saw alot of fun stuff there, like....

Carl Perkins' actual Blue Suede Shoes!
Elvis Presley's Golden Piano!
Yeah. I know. Creepy. Hank Williams apparently shot these squirrels himself (which must have been quite an honor for them really) and then had a taxidemist stuff and mount them as a band. I'm not sure why, but I understand Hank was a bit of a drinker. For me it's the way they're all hunched over,  it seems sort of....lascivious. Freaks me out.
On the non creepy side here's the wonderful and inspiring Ryman Auditorium, "The Mother Church of Country Music." I was literally feet from where Johnny Cash stood! And sang! And smashed things while on drugs and was asked to never come back!
And lastly here's the Lovely Gertie looking quite regal posing in our hotel, The Hermitage.
Anyway, we had a great time and learned alot. What did we learn? Well, that everyone in Nashville is incredibly nice, so much so that it made two New Yorker's like me and Gertie more than a little suspicious. What's their game, we often wondered. What's. Their. Game?
Also, we learned that the food is amazing and that while NY does alot of things well the one thing it really can't do is a truly revelatory glass of sweet tea. Oh, sweet tea. How I miss it.
Lastly we rekindled our love of classic country music. Johnny. Hank. Patsy. Loretta. And all the greats.
A good time was had by all!