Can Someone Please Tell Me What Was so Great About Inception?

Yeah, saw it last night and I'm really on the outside looking in on this one. So many smart people seem to really love this movie and I thought it was....ok. I was never bored, I thought it was absolutely fantastic to look at and had some fun sequences, but I'm reading reviews that toss out words like "masterpiece" and "complex" and "mind-bending" and I just don't see it.

I mean, it all seemed kinda straight forward to me. Too much so actually. A heist movie playing out across a few different stages of consciousness featuring some seriously wooden dialogue and fairly one dimensional characters. I guess there's that nod towards ambiguity in the very last shot, but I had a hard time buying it since I never saw anything anywhere else in the move that called the reality of all this into question.

Like in The Dark Knight (Yeah, I was a dissenter on that one too. Liked Batman Begins and Memento though)  I think Nolan has an incredible ability to cast this veneer of weighty seriousness over his movies that I don't know is actually backed up by anything that happens in the movies themselves. Important and meaningful things always seem to be going on, people talk like they are, but when I stop and think about it seems like a lot of talk, grimly serious acting and gorgeous visuals.

So please, dear blogging friends, help me justify the $12.50 plus $11 dollars for popcorn and soda I paid for this movie. Set me straight. Is there something I missed? Is there a deeper level here that I'm not seeing?

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