Ok folks, here we go! It's just become clear to me that at some point last week my friends at Scholastic started shipping my book out to bloggers, setting off a chain of appearances in people's "In My Mailbox" posts. The first one I saw was the below. Definitely watch the whole thing, but you can see the bit about The Eleventh Plague at around minute 5:40.

As you can imagine, when she reads the bit from the letter my editor David Levithan wrote in support of the book, I was kind of floored.

At this point I've seen my little green book show up on several blogs, Goodreads status updates (My favorite? "On page 111. Uh Oh.") and random tweets and it's always amazing. The idea that my book is out in people's hands after all of this time feels like approaching the very top of the rollercoaster. You know? When that low click. clack. click. clack. vibrates up through your body as you ratchet up to the crest of the first hill where you'll be perfectly suspended for a split second before--ZOOM!

It's super exciting and--I won't lie to you, friends--more than a little terrifying. In any case, it's out of my hands now. All I can do now is focus on the 2nd book and hope for the best.

Hope you guys like it!