More Spookiness

Happy Halloween everybody! Wanted to put out just a bit more spookiness in honor of the holiday. This little story won a 100 word short story contest a few years ago back in San Diego and it seemed appropriate.

 The Cat
Tom walked right by her on his way to the refrigerator.
Tom froze, staring at beer and milk and oranges.  It was a girl's voice, thin and trembling. Carol was working a graveyard shift.  He’d been alone for hours.
Tom closed the refrigerator.
The girl was pale with reedy hair. Her arms and legs were matchsticks, covered with scratches. Her blue and white dress was torn and muddy.
“There’s a cat,” she rasped. “Outside.  He's…following me.”
She pointed out the window by her shoulder.
Tom looked out.
Trees, streetlamps, night.
When he looked back,
she was gone.Happy Halloween! Would love to hear your picks for best spooky stories in the comments!