Quick Recs for Lovers of Well Told Stories

I'm definitely in the camp that says we're in the midst of a golden age for TV. As a novelsit I hate to say it but you'd be hard pressed to find more consistently great writing than on TV. If you love to consume stories, and if you love to be schooled by folks who really know what they're doing,  I can't recommend Mad Men and Breaking Bad more heartily. They are without a doubt the best dramas on tv right now. Absolutely masterful writing.  I know I'm far from the first person to mention these but it bares repeating.

I think Breaking Bad is probably the best long form charcter study I've ever seen. That show deals with characters being transformed right down to their core and manages to do it in a way that's riveting and absolutely believable. And on top of all that it's a kick ass crime show. Genre story telling at its best.

Mad Men has moved into a time when you can tell the writers are just masterfully in control of their abilities. They can do straight up relationship drama, Non-linear LSD freakouts, comedy, drama, whatever, and tie it all into the idea of the 60's as a transformative time in American society--for the country, and individuals and families. The world of the show and the characters are working in perfect harmony to explore the 60's as a time and as a kind of state of mind. It's incredibly sophisticated, and entertaining stuff.

Any recommendations from you all?