The Guilty Conscience of the Infrequent Blogger Who Checks his Stats

Hi all! So, as the title suggests, I happened to check the stats for visits to this site and saw that quite a few of you come here only to find very little in the way of new content. Sorry! I think I'm not necessarily the most adept blogger in the world. But I'm so happy all of you come to check out the site. So here's a little update that, hopefully, explains what I've been doing instead of blogging! This also might give you a little insight into what it's like to be a full time writer person!

Basically I've been writing. A lot! I'm currently in process for three different books. They are, briefly:

Black River Falls - This is the new standalone novel coming out Summer of 2016 from Clarion. It's about a kid growing up in a small town that has been quarantined due to a plague of amnesia. I'll be getting the final round of edits from my editor soon so it's almost done. Very excited about this one!

The Darkest Path Prequel/Sequel - The tentative title for this right now is The Darkest Path: Bear's Story, but that could change. The first draft is written and I'm giving it to my editor in August, which hopefully means that it'll be ready for you all to see in late Fall/Early Winter. Yay!

Untitled Standalone Novel - This will hopefully be my follow up to Black River Falls. I have a completed first draft and am editing it now to get it ready to send to Clarion. I can't really tell you anything about except that I'm really enjoying writing it! (and I really need to finish the blog post and get back to it!)

Miscellaneous  - As always, I'm in the midst of generating ideas for new projects. Lately I'm thinking alot about a short and fairly bloody horror novel, a sci-fi epic for kids 8 and up, and a Western. Whew!

Oh! And I'm also acting in a play! Things are busy around here! 

What are y'all up to?