The Darkest Path

The Darkest Path-Final Cover

THE DARKEST PATH follows Callum Roe, a sixteen year old growing up in the midst of the Second American Civil War.

Cal and his brother James were kidnapped by The Army of the Glorious Path in the early days of the war and forced to work in service of the revolution. But once Cal learns more about the life the Path has planned for him and his brother he decides it’s finally time to escape.

To get home, Cal must survive a perilous journey from Arizona to New York, while evading two armies locked in combat for the future of the country.

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  • Hunter Johnson May 23, 2013

    Hello Mr. Hirsch, I just got done reading the eleventh plauge and thought it was an absolute great book. Im pre ordering your up coming book the darkest path and cant wait to get it in september. Im 13 and love your work, keep going :)


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